Asphalt Shingles
Any Style, any color

Adorn offers an enormous array of asphalt shingle designs and colors, all guaranteed for 25 years. Our installers are professional, do a very thorough job of replacing all flashing, and clean up after their work. It is important that you replace flashing as well as the roof to ensure the flashing will not fail before your new roof will.

Metal Shingles
Metal shingles can provide style and beauty for a lifetime

If you want a permanent solution, metal roofing is available in a number of colors and profiles that look similar to asphalt or slate shingles, but metal can last a lifetime. Metal shingles are a particularly good investment on homes or summer homes that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. To see all the possibilities, call your adorn rep at 1-866-660-9565.

Adorn can provide any type of roofing for any size of home

Keeping your roof in good shape can prevent a whole host of leaking problems throughout your home. So when you notice shingles missing after a storm, or the tips of your shingles lifting, call Adorn for an inspection. You may only require a simple repair, so its good to react quickly before a simple repair turns into a major leak in one room of your home.

If you require a new roof, our Adorn roofing specialists will guide you through a host of affordable options that best suit your situation, including financing.

Slate Shingles
Slate shingles offer a unique style and longevity

If you have invested in an unique home that requires the unique touch of a slate roof to compliment its design, then you should be calling Adorn Home Improvements. Only a few roofing contractors have the capability to properly install slate roofing. Slate roofing offers a very exclusive and unique look, and your Adorn Home Improvement representative would be more than willing to present all the options and benefits to you.

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