Adorn Home Improvements

Q: Is it cheaper for me to purchase windows and doors from a small installer who works out of his truck?

A: Some are reliable, while some are not. It is important you purchase your renovation work from a company who will be around in five or ten years,

Q: Do I have to worry about the installer’s safety?

A: Actually, some smaller companies do not carry sufficient insurance to insure their worker’s health if an accident occurs. If an accident occurs and the worker is not sufficiently insured, you could be liable for their long-term benefits.

Q: Who is responsible if any of the work becomes defective?

A: Adorn Home Improvements has very long-term relationships with all of its manufacturers – for over 10 years. We always take responsibility for following up with our manufacturers for warranty claims on your behalf.

Q: What if I realize I cannot go ahead with a project because it exceeds my budget.

A: Adorn Home Improvements has financing available.


Q: Are all PVC windows the same quality?

A: Actually, what you see on the outside may look the same, but it’s the inside that counts. Our windows have engineered multiple internal chambers to improve thermal efficiency, thicker walls, patented drain channel, multiple weather stripping to prevent moisture and dust infiltration, and thermo-welded corners for superior strength and air tightness.

Q: Are all steel doors of the same quality?

A: Actually, the interior of steel doors varies considerably from sub-standard foam insulation to high quality. This has a dramatic impact on the stability of the door when an accessory like decorative glass is added and the thermal efficiency of the door. Adorn uses only the finest steel doors, pre-painted with durable Polytex coating, which is manufactured in Canada.

Q: If I purchase a complete pre-hung door system from a major retailer, can anyone install the door?

A: Actually, most of the problems that occur in a new installed door system are created by the installer. If a door binds at the top or bottom, it could be the installer did not make sure the door system was properly shimmed to make it plumb or level. If you experience drafts coming through the door, it could mean the installer didn’t adjust the height of the sweep properly at the bottom of the door or didn’t use expandable foam to seal air out around the perimeter of the door.