We only supply and install the industry’s best quality steel doors

Adorn uses only the best quality Canadian manufactured steel doors – so you get the best quality and local service support from the manufacturer. Our doors are available in white, pre-painted steel or if you like to personalized your entry system – we can have them painted to the color of your choice. All of our door systems are installed by factory-trained installers to guarantee you the best energy efficiency and longest service life of your door system.

We have several other optional designs
It is important you know this about fiberglass doors

All fiberglass doors look similar, but vary considerably in quality. Adorn Home Improvements has researched the best quality fiberglass doors, and works directly with the manufacturer to ensure the best quality installation. We also offer a multipoint locking system to give your fiberglass door years of improved performance and superior security.

We have several other optional designs
you should know
about doors

All doors are not equal. We only select the best quality doors. Many other door retailers use outside contractors to install their door systems. The installation can dramatically effect the operation and longevity of your door. We only install the door systems with our own factory-trained installers.

Design options for your new door

You can choose between fibreglass and steel doors in a variety of inserts and colours that will match any exterior decor. Our fibreglass can even be stained to look like wood grain.

We can offer almost unlimited styles of custom glass and custom sizes

Talk to your Adorn representative for a copy of our decorative glass styles.
We represent all the leading manufacturers, including Novatech, Masonite, ODL, Classic Series, Fusion, Verre Select, Ultimate Creative Design, Medieval, and Vitre Art.